Key Properties

  • There is a fixed Maximum Supply of 4,294,967,296 tokens. While capped, the rate at which the token supply approaches follows a tuneable emission and supply schedule.

  • Token rewards will be distributed evenly across eligible nodes without having nodes compete against each other in computational power or staked token quantity, addressing the consolidation of power issues with tokenomics built on top of PoW, PoS and PoS consensus mechanism.

  • Every data upload incurs payments from up-loaders to node operators. Unlike conventional cloud or decentralized storage, there is no extra cost other than the initial data payment, preventing cost escalation. This transparent payment system ensures predictability and affordability for users, and allows applications and services to scale rapidly without large data or infrastructure cost burdens.

  • Physical infrastructure-based decentralized platforms require upfront infrastructure availability before usage can scale. To drive node network growth, new token emission incentivises node operators independent of current network usage levels.

  • Node operators are incentivized to remain online as the expected rewards increase linearly with the node's uptime (proof-of-uptime).

  • Node operators are incentivized to provide correct service to the network, as incorrect service results in prompt exclusion from the rewards program (proof-of-correctness).

  • Tokens can be instantly transferred without fee.

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