Autonomi Foundation

Based in Geneva, the Autonomi Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion and stewardship of the Autonomi ecosystem, protocol, and related distributed ledger and computing technology.


  1. To allow anyone to have unrestricted access to public data: all of humanity's information, available to all of humanity.

  2. Enable people to securely, and privately access their own data, and use it to get things done, with no one else involved.

  3. Allow individuals to freely communicate with each other privately, and securely.

  4. Giving people and businesses the opportunity for financial stability by trading their resources, products, content, and creativity without the need for middlemen, or gatekeepers.

What the Foundation Does

  • Fund and support R&D of decentralized network communication protocols, security, and usability.

  • Maintain and deliver decentralized networks and necessary tools and applications.

  • Educate developers, users, and policymakers on decentralized networks and their uses.

  • Increase adoption and accessibility of decentralized networks and related technologies through funding and outreach.

  • Collaborate with regulators and standards bodies to shape public policy and develop best practices for distributed computing, privacy, security, and data interoperability.

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