Referral Boosts

With your unique Referral Code you can boost your Nanos, climb the weekly leaderboard faster, and increase your reward-earning potential.

Referrals are a crucial component of the Beta Node Reward Programme. We want to recognise those who share what we’re doing and who help Autonomi grow.

If you're part of a Wave, you'll receive a unique Invite Code in a Discord DM. This code is very important, so make sure to keep it safe! You can also get your unique code from the Discord bot, when it's ready for you by using the /referral command.

Every time someone joins the Beta Rewards Program using your code, you'll get a substantial boost to your weekly Nano earnings, propelling you further on your Wave leaderboard.

Currently, this code can only be used a limited number of times. But don’t worry, we'll be opening it up to more uses as the Beta Program progresses. We will announce when more uses of your code are available via Discord.

Please choose your referrals wisely as you’ll only get the boost to your Nanos if the person you refer runs a node within the program, linking their nodes to their Discord Username.

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