How Rewards are Calculated

Each Wave has its own pool of rewards, which is allocated participants at the end of each week depending on their position on the weekly leaderboard. Everyone who is ranked on the leaderboard earns rewards, but naturally, the people at the top earn more, and people further down, less. This allocation of rewards is based on a distribution curve as shown below:

Depending on the size of the wave, ranks are assigned under the curve based on their percentile.

Let's take a look at the example of Wave 1, which has 175 people in it:

To prevent extreme discrepancies within a Wave, the minimum amount of tokens an eligible participant can receive is set to 20% of the average token distribution per user within the group.

How Boost Nanos are Calculated

The total amount of ‘Boost Nanos’ to be distributed in a wave is equal to the total amount of Nanos earned by the Wave's nodes in a given week.

Conceptually, this means that operating nodes and following the encouraged actions, like referrals, are equally important.

An Example: In week 0, a total of 142,909 Nanos were distributed to the user nodes.

Consequently, an additional 142,909 Nanos will be added as the boost. Participants were boosted when referring a new user. There were 42 valid referrals—where the referred user joined the Beta Program and ran a node. Each referral was worth142909/42=3402142909 / 42 = 3402 Nanos.

Determining the Weekly Leaderboard

The final leaderboard position, or rank, for each Wave will be determined by the total Nanos per user, which is the sum of Nanos earned from nodes and from the boost.

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