What is Autonomi?

Autonomi combines the spare capacity of everyday devices to form a new, autonomous, data and communications layer of the Internet.

It allows you to securely store data, communicate, access knowledge, build businesses, run services, and create new futures without the intervention of any middlemen or gatekeepers. It's designed to give people complete sovereignty over their personal data, yet still allow rich and scalable software platforms and user experiences to be built on top.

Key features…

What it means…

Decentralized, distributed and quantum encrypted; it means security, privacy, and lifetime storage of the world's most precious data—including yours.

The Network will give people autonomy over their digital lives, allowing them to participate in the connected economy, regardless of their location, status, or access to capital. It's designed for mass collaboration between humans, between machines, and between humans and machines—critically, without the distorting effects of endemic data insecurity, siloing of knowledge, inefficient markets, and limited accessibility.

In order to do this, and accomplish it in a way suitable for human-scale use, Autonomi has been built from the first principle of secure and private data, and in such a way that the performance of the network scales with size. Not only is data de-duplicated and redundantly replicated, but it's quantum-proof encrypted, before it even leaves an end user's computer. That means that no personal information ever touches the internet—and neither does any information relating to how, where, or when you choose to access it.

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