Dynamic Pricing

The data payment amount is regulated by the dynamic pricing formula, which is designed to facilitate the network's scalability in tandem with its usage. Additionally, dynamic pricing serves to bolster network stability by deterring spam uploads.



rr represents the Network fullness. r=capacityoccupiedcapacitytotalr=\frac {capacity_{occupied}}{capacity_{total}}

As illustrated in the figure above, Dynamic Pricing reflects a correlation between network capacity and price. When network capacity is ample, prices remain low, incentivizing increased data uploads. Conversely, when network capacity is limited, prices rise to encourage more node operators to join. This dynamic relationship between storage capacity and price ensures that node operators are appropriately incentivized as the network necessitates additional capacity.

As the network approaches full capacity, prices increase exponentially to deter the acceptance of data exceeding its limits. This mechanism safeguards the network from becoming overloaded with data beyond its capacity.

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