The easiest way to contribute your spare capacity to the Autonomi Beta Network is with the Node Launchpad. It’s a small application that allows you to run several nodes on your computer that run in the background while you get on with other things.

Download the Node Launchpad (v0.3.10):

All versions can be found under the Releases page on Github

Specific versions:

Node Launchpad For Windows (Windows 10+)

Node Launchpad for Mac (MacOS 14 Sonoma)

Node Launchpad for Linux ARM (Ubuntu 24.04)

Node Launchpad for Linux x86-64 (Ubuntu 24.04)

For Power Users

If you are comfortable with Command Line Interfaces and want to run nodes on headless devices, or on more advanced setups such as virtual environments or remote servers, starting and managing many nodes at once, then try our Node Manager.

The Node Launchpad is currently limited to 50 nodes per device. If you want to add more than 50 nodes on a single device (and you have the hardware to do it!) then you are probably a Power User who would benefit from using the Node Manager.

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