System Requirements

Autonomi nodes are designed to be run on everyday devices, so we can all contribute to an alternative future of the Internet, with the devices we already have and not just rely on data centres and specialised equipment.

Part of the objectives of the Beta is to test on a variety of devices. Typical home computers like what you already own. So we’d encourage you to give it a go regardless of what system you are running. Members of our Forum community regularly operate nodes on everything from RaspberryPis, to gaming PCs, old laptops, and even some adapted phones!

But as a starting point, we’ve built the Node Launchpad to run on the following systems with ease.

Mac (MacOS 14 Sonoma), Windows (Windows 10+), and Linux (Ubuntu 24.04) computers with:

  • 4 core CPU Intel, AMD or Apple*

  • 8 GB ram

  • At least 5 GB spare hard drive space

  • 8 Mbps Up/Down Internet service

*If you have a Mac with Apple Silicon (M1, M2, M3 etc) you may be prompted to install Rosetta. It's easy, and you only need to do this once.

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