How much does a Node cost?

Nothing! In fact, you can get paid for running a node, or as many nodes as you want. They are designed to run on everyday computers.

If you join the Beta Rewards Program, you'll be helping us test all this, and competing for real rewards which you'll be paid when the Autonomi Network Launches later this year.

What Rewards can I earn?

By participating in the Beta Rewards Program you'll be rewarded with Autonomi Network tokens, which we'll pay you after the main-network launches later this year.

The amount of tokens you'll be paid depends on how far up your Wave leaderboard you climb each week, and how many times rewards have multiplied.

Each Wave will have a dedicated Rewards pool, which will start at 250,000 Tokens, and multiply as we get more Beta testers.

This prize pool is split over the 12 weeks for the Beta period, and allocated to people depending on where they finish on the leaderboard each week. The higher you place, the bigger your reward, but everyone on the board gets something.

What will the rewards be worth?

We can't know for sure at this stage what an Autonomi Token will be worth, as it's all down to supply and demand when the live Network launches.

The closest indicator we have is the value of MaidSafeCoin (EMAID) which is a proxy token which will convert 1:1 into Autonomi Network Tokens, the same as you'll be paid your rewards.

When will I be paid?

Rewards will be paid after the launch of the Main Autonomi Network scheduled for later this year.

What is a Wave?

A Wave is a group of people you'll be competing against on a leaderboard. The more Nanos your nodes earn, the higher you'll climb that leaderboard.

Each Wave has a limited number of people participating, and the earlier the Wave you get in, the fewer people you'll be competing against. So it pays to be involved early!

Once you've got an invite to the Beta Rewards Program, and have joined the Discord, get your nodes running. As soon as they earn the first nano, you'll be added to a Wave.

How many other people will I be competing against?

The number of people you'll be competing against depends on which Wave you make it into.

Wave 1: 175 people

Wave 2: 825 people

Wave 3: 2000 people

Wave 4: 3000 people

Wave 5: 4000 people

What are Rewards Multipliers?

We want to expand the size and reach of the Network. So we've set up some key targets. Each time we hit those targets, the rewards on offer will multiply the rewards available.

Each Wave will start with a 250,000 Token prize pool. Then when we reach these numbers of overall Beta Rewards Participants, the rewards will multiply:

At 2000 Participants: The pools will double

At 3000 Participants: The pools will double again

At 6000 Participants: The pools will multiply some more

What sort of computer do I need?

Autonomi nodes are designed to work on everyday home devices. So even relatively modest-performance computers will happily run a node, or even many nodes at once. Each node uses around 5 GB of storage space, as well as some CPU, memory, and of course Internet bandwidth.

Our easy-to-use Node Launchpad software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Many people use typical home computers, or even RaspberryPis, to contribute to the Network.

There are options for more advanced users to utilise their headless computers, home servers, or virtual environments.

But we'd encourage you to start with what you already have. It's probably right in front of you.

How many nodes can I run?

A typical home PC will be able to run several nodes at once, and you can start nodes on as many computers as you like. Just make sure you are signed up to the Beta Rewards Program, and have entered your Discord Username in the Node Launchpad App to have all your contributions count.

What is a Nano?

A nano is a fraction of a whole token. It's the increments that node's are paid in by the Network.

It's what your nodes will be earning during the Beta. The more Nanos they earn, the higher you'll get on the leaderboard.

Strictly speaking they are just fractions of a Beta Test Token. Live Autonomi Network will have nanos too… but as we are only paying rewards in whole tokens, not fractions, it's a handy way to talk about the difference.

The more Nanos you manage to earn now, the more real, live, Autonomi Network Tokens you'll be paid later!

Do I keep the Nanos I earn? Is that the Reward?

No. You'll be paid your rewards in real, whole, live tokens after the Network launches following the Beta. The Nanos you earn now, while they function the same as the live Network tokens will, are just for testing purposes… they aren't worth anything by themselves. But they do help us measure what each Beta participant has contributed to testing. They are a way of determining how much you'll be rewarded once the Network goes live. And remember, a Nano is a billionth of a token… but you'll be paid in whole Network Tokens!

Why do I need a Discord Username?

We are running our Beta Rewards Program through the Autonomi Discord Server so that everyone can keep track of their progress, and where they are on the leaderboard. And we also think it will be fun!

When you've been accepted into the Beta Program, you'll put your Discord Username into the Node Launchpad. When one of your nodes earns its first Nano, it'll send it to a special wallet, tracking your progress and adding you to the leaderboard.

It also allows us to let you know how to collect your rewards at the end of the Beta, when the main Network goes live.

The requirement to have a Discord account is only for people who want to participate in the Beta Rewards Program. You don't need one to try the Network or have a go running a node.

And it's only for the duration of the Beta. The live Network is private, secure, and completely decentralised.

Can I enter more than one Discord Account?

No, it's only one entry and one Discord Account per person.

You can, however, start and run as many nodes as you like, on as many devices as you like. Just make sure they have the same Discord Username saved, and it's be same as the one you join the Rewards Program with. No typos!

Can I store my data on the Beta Network?

Yes, but it's not our primary focus of the Beta at this stage.

So in order to store your data, you'll need to use the CLI to upload, and pay for the storage using Nanos earned by running nodes that aren't connected to your discord account. Nanos spent on data, won't count towards your Beta Rewards total.

Is the Beta Rewards Program Private?

No, not entirely.

When it comes to testing the Beta Network we request and log some limited information from your nodes in order to test and evaluate the Network and optimise it efficiently.

But even while testing, we are careful only to gather the minimum information required, and only keep it as long as it is useful for evaluating the Network.

This may include things such as the IP address of your nodes, the peer IDs, and some network information. And we may also ask that you voluntarily submit some of the information contained locally in your logs, particularly if you are having problems. All part of being a beta tester!

And of course, if you are participating in the Beta Rewards Program, you'll be giving us your Discord Username, so we can keep you updated about your progress, and then pay you rewards when the time comes.

And all of this is just for the Beta. The Network itself is designed to be entirely private, secure, and prevent any kind of snooping. Privacy by design!

When do the Waves Start, and Stop?

Wave 1 (which is now full) and Wave 2 (which is now open for sign-ups) will start at 20:30 GMT on Tuesday the 4th of June, 2024.

Then when Wave 2 fills up, bringing us to 1000 overall participants, Wave 3 will begin.

And remember, to get in a wave you need to Join the Beta, either through being accepted from the Waitlist, or getting an Invite Code to jump the queue, and then have your nodes earn their first nano.

All Waves will then keep on going until the beta concludes, with some fun checkpoints along the way.

But stay in the loop on the Autonomi Discord, because there will be some fun challenges, and generous additional bonus rewards along the way!

When will the Beta End, and the Autonomi Network Launch?

The Beta Network will get a series of updates and upgrades over its life.

The last of these upgrades of the Beta will then become the live main Autonomi Network. It's at this point that the Beta period will end.

This is scheduled to be around October this year.

Do I have to use the Node Launchpad? Are there tools for advanced users?

Yes! If you are more comfortable using the Command Line, then there are CLI tools such as the Node Manager for power users.

How do I get Help?

If you haven't already take a look at our Quick Start Guides.

Then for more direct pointers and support Beta Rewards Program, there is of course the Autonomi Discord.

And of course not forgetting the Autonomi Forum for a wealth of knowledge and detailed support from our dedicated community.

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