By participating in the Beta Rewards Program you'll be rewarded with Autonomi Network tokens, which we'll pay you after the Main Network launches later this year.

The amount of tokens you'll be paid depends on how far up your Wave's leaderboard you are each week and how many times the rewards pool has been multiplied.

Each Wave will have a dedicated Rewards pool which will start at 250,000 Tokens, and multiply as we get more Beta testers.

Rewards Pool Multipliers

As well as running nodes and testing the Network, we want you all to share in the success of growing Autonomi and encouraging others to join in, without disadvantaging yourself… in fact, quite the opposite! That's why, when we hit key numbers of overall Beta participants, the reward pools for each wave will multiply

Total ParticipantsReward Pool for Each Wave

Up to 999

250,000 Tokens


500,000 Tokens


1,000,000 Tokens


Will Multiply Again!

Weekly Rewards

One twelfth of each reward pool is distributed each week, for 12 weeks of the Beta program. This is spilt between participants according to their place on the Wave's leaderboard. If you're participating you can earn each week, and bank those rewards week after week, and receive them after the Network goes live.

We're updating shortly the Discord Bot to be able to keep a tally for you, so you'll know exactly what your running rewards total is.

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