Step-by-Step Guide

Want to be part of the Beta Rewards Program? Here's how to do it.

  1. Join our Discord. It’s how you’ll track your progress in the Beta, and also where you’ll be notified when you’re in.

  2. Get on the Waitlist and we’ll let you know as soon as you have been accepted into the Rewards Program and can get going.

  3. If you have an Invite Code you can use this form to Jump the Queue.

  4. Download the Node Launchpad to offer your spare capacity to the Beta by running nodes.

  5. Take a look at the Quickstart Guide for a walk-through of running nodes on your computer.

  6. Add your Discord Username, so any Nanos your nodes earn will count. You can check what your username is using our Discord Bot.

  7. The more data your nodes serve, and the longer and more reliably they do it, the more Nanos they will earn—just like in the live Network.

  8. Accept your place! When a spot has opened up for you we’ll send you a message on Discord. You’ll have a day or two to respond, but if you don't you may lose your spot.

  9. As soon as you've accepted your place, and your nodes have earned some Nanos you’ll be added to a Wave.

  10. You'll rank on a weekly leaderboard for your Wave based on how many Nanos you manage to earn, both from your nodes, and any referrals you make. The higher you climb on the leaderboard, the bigger the slice of rewards you'll earn, locking them in each week.

  11. You can check your progress, and your position on the leaderboard using the Autonomi Discord Bot.

  12. Invite your friends! The more people that join in, the bigger the Network, and the more rewards will multiply. We’ll also be giving unique invite codes to help you out and power you further up the leaderboard when you refer other people.

  13. After the launch of the Autonomi main-net later in the year, we’ll pay your rewards in live Network tokens!

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