Using the Discord Bot

We've created a handy Discord Bot to help out with the Beta Rewards Program. It has four useful commands: /get-id , /rank, /leaderboard and /referral Try them out! Just type the command where you normally type a message, and press Enter twice.


Use /get-id if you are unsure of your Discord Username, or want to copy and paste it into the Node Launchpad easily.


The /rank command will show you the number of Nanos your nodes have earned this week, and where that places you on the leaderboard this week so far.


This command will tell you a few things:

  • Where you finished on last week's leaderboard, including your Nanos earn form yout nodes, and any from Boosts

  • The total Rewards you're entitled to from your participation so far


This lets you know your unique referral code you can use to invite other people to the Beta Rewards Program, and with it get a Referral Boost.

When you use these commands, the Bot's response only visible to you.

it can take around 15 minutes, or sometimes longer, for the Bot to update after your node earns a Nano, so the figure shown on your device may be slightly ahead of the Bot.

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