Weekly Leaderboards

Each Wave has its own weekly leaderboard, one for each of the 12 weeks of the Beta Rewards Period. Because there are a set number of people in each Wave, you'll never be disadvantaged no matter how big the Network becomes—you'll only ever be competing against people in your Wave. And the sooner you join, the smaller your wave.

How Leaderboards are Ranked

Leaderboard based on how many Nanos they have earned in a 7 day period. With each week ending each Friday at 11.59am GMT+1, with the official results published on Discord shortly after.

How to Earn Nanos

Nanos can be earned by running nodes which supply the Network with computer resources, and through ‘boosts’ which are awarded based on actions that directly help the Network grow, things such as referring friends.

You'll Lock In Rewards Each Week

If you're part of a Wave, your position on the leaderboard will give you a portion of the reward pool. The higher up the board, the bigger your slice.

After the leaderboard is decided each Friday of the 12 weeks, your rewards are locked in. If you stay with it, you'll earn each week, banking more rewards that we'll pay you after the Network goes live.

We're updating shortly the Discord Bot to be able to keep a tally for you, so you'll know exactly what your rewards total is.

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