What is the Beta Rewards Program?

We want to be able to reward you for helping build and test the Network… so we've set aside a sizeable rewards pool. You can earn a slice of millions of tokens created at the genesis of the Autonomi Network.

Help us build the Beta and we'll pay your share after the Network, which we've all assembled together, is launched later this year.

How You Earn Rewards

Once you have access to the Rewards Program, by getting to the top of the waitlist, or grabbing an Invite Code, you'll add your spare capacity to the Autonomi Beta network by running nodes. These nodes will securely hold and serve encrypted data, powering the Network.

The more data your nodes serve, and the longer and more reliably they do it, the more beta test-tokens (or Nanos) they will earn—just like in the live Network.

You'll be added to the leaderboard based on how many of these Nanos your nodes manage to earn. The higher you climb on the leaderboard, the bigger the slice of rewards you'll earn! You can also earn extra Nanos, and boost yourself up the leaderboard by referring other people.

The Sooner You Join, the Bigger Your Potential

We are releasing access to the beta in Waves. The earlier the wave you join, the fewer people you'll be competing against… and the bigger your earning potential.

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